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Acorn Preschool
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Here at Acorn Preschool we believe children learn through play. This child centered approach allows them to explore their interests, build confidence, be creative, and develop a love of learning in an age appropriate manner.

We acknowledge and value that each child is an individual with unique strengths to bring to the program and learns at their own pace. Staff provide children with an environment that encourages risk taking, materials that promote exploration, stimulate thinking, and inspire creativity, as well as, ongoing continuous support. This allows for children to have self-directed activities/play that allow for learning to happen in natural ways.

The Acorn experience is a partnership between parents, children, and teachers. Each of us plays an important role in creating an environment where children can develop safely and healthily. As a vibrant educational community, Acorn offers parents both a safe haven for their children and a close-knit network of fellow parents and adults. We do this by having an open door policy where parent involvement is encouraged and welcomed. We are happy to have you come and observe or share your talent and interests with the group. In addition, we hold special events throughout the year for families to come and spend time together at Acorn Preschool. 
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Victoria Fernandez
Acorn Preschool Site Director
(707) 823 -4930